About JpegReducer

JpegReducer is the brain child of the good guys at ShortPixel, whose declared goal is to do everything possible to make the web faster.

Most of their tools are dedicated to bringing unparalelled ease of use to the mundane task of optimizing the images of the web, one site at a time. This site is no exception - but is aimed mostly at the more technical of us, at the ones willing to play with more advanced tools, on a more granular level.

Just like on ShortPixel, the main feature of JpegReducer is its free, unlimited image compressor functionality. You have the freedom to choose between three possible compression types, all three highly optimized for maximal size reduction with minimal image quality loss: Lossy, Glossy and Lossless. And after compressing an image, you can also do a swipe-type comparison between the original and the compressed image.

Besides the leading edge compression algorithms you'd come to expect, we also provide you with an easy to use interface where you can crop your images before optimizing them.

Meet the Thumbnail Lab!

Meet JpegReducer's Thumbnail Lab

You can choose between any of the already preset thumbnail sizes, or predefine your own sizes, and "direct" the image within the crop. as you best see fit.

You are also free to alter the aspect ratio of the image to your heart's desire, although esthetically that's not exactly recommended. So should you do this by accident, you always have the option to reset the image to its original aspect ratio, and to zoom it in or out without th risk of changing the aspect ratio in the first place.